2012-04-01 11:01:26
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Såhär såg dom ut igår, våra stjärnor:

KCA 2012: Cool Blue Miranda Cosgrove|Miranda's super stylish blue dress looked perfect with her glittery gold clutch!

KCA 2012: Mr. Nathan Kress?!|This iCarly star sported a brand new beard at the KCAs. *Tear* ... They grow up so fast. :(

KCA 2012: Jennette McCutie|Our favorite tomboy swaps out jeans for jewels and gives the Orange Carpet something to remember her by.

KCA 2012: Noah Munck Is The Man|Gibby drops straight out of a 1960s board room to slay the Orange Carpet crowd with style

Dom var så fina allihopa!

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